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3000 Water Repellent Exterior Wood Sealer
Product Description
3000 Water Repellent Exterior Wood SealerWoodwright 3000 Water Repellent Exterior Wood Sealer is a quality maintenance coating that seals and protects exterior wood including furniture, decks and structures that require moisture protection. This product may be tinted to virtually any semi-transparent color. Our 3000 Exterior Sealer is very easy to use, simply spray, brush, roll or dip. It can even be applied with a garden-type sprayer. Not only does 3000 work to seal wood, but concrete, as well. Your health is important to us so we’ve made our 3000 Water Repellent Exterior Wood Sealer with no HAPS and low VOC. This product is also easily touched up at any time.
Physical Properties
Type: Modified alkyd resin
V.O.C.: 6.7 lb/gal. (No H2O)
Weight/gal: 6.9 + or -0.15
weight Solids: 41% + or -1%
Volume Solids: 35% + or -1%
Optimum Coverage: 450 sq/ ft./gal (dependent on porosity of surface)
Method: Spray, brush, roll, dip or garden-type sprayer
Reducer: TH4100 Mineral Spirits
Substrate: Wood (stained if desired) or concrete, clean and dust free
No. of Coats: One to three (dependent on desired color darkness)
Shelf Life: 6 months
Manufactured By
David E. Easterday & Company, Inc.
9292 Winesburg Road
Mount Eaton, Ohio 44659
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