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David Easterday & Company, Inc. - A History
David E. Easterday & Company was born in 1972. At this time Dave Easterday, with the help of his wife, Valeria was working solely as a painting contractor, painting houses and commercial facilities. Gradually, Dave added employees to help him in his growing business. Eventually, Easterday & Company became one of the most successful painting contractors in the area, expanding from Wooster, Ohio to the East Coast. Years later, the still young company, began, not only painting, but selling paint as well.
In 1992 we found ourselves needing to blend our Pratt & Lambert stains to match current colors in our customers’ homes because, at that time, custom stain matches were not available to us. This commodity developed into what is now Woodwright® Original Easy Wipe Stain, which is the most sought-after, user-friendly formula in the area.
At that time, we were manufacturing our own stains, but still using and distributing another manufacturer’s varnish. Working together with our varnish supplier, we helped improve their current products to work better in our market, but David was still not satisfied. The quality of this varnish was not acceptable. Dave decided that there was no other choice but for our company to make our own. In 1994, Dave started concocting numerous conversion varnish blends. Finally, with the 7th formula, he hit the mark. This conversion varnish had a “silky” feel, great durability, high solids and an incredible build. Easterday & Company now had their Woodwright® System #7 Conversion Varnish. System #7 became an industry standard and led to our current full-line of conversion and precatalyzed varnishes.
Easterday & Company believes in 5 things: Strength in God, our Family Bond, Hard Work, Great Service to our Valued Customers and Honoring our Commitments. We are a company of few employees, but these employees are our family who have a passion for what they do and the products we manufacture. This is what drives our success.
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