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Woodwright's Paint Color Chain

All of our clear varnishes can be tinted to a wide variety of solid paint colors. Call 1-800-322-8172 today to order our popular Paint Color Selection Chain. The Paint Color Selection Chain features 20 best-selling solid colors and costs less than a standard color match. Custom color matching is always available!


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* Please note that colors may vary due to computer screen and/or printer.


All quality Woodwright brand products are




Catalyzed Varnish Catalyst

35260 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

35260 is used to catalyze these varnishes:

9930, 9950, 9935, 9934, 9948, 9931, 9070, 9075 and 9090. Refer to product label for proper usage.





Varnish Pigment

Material Safety Data Sheets


844-0061 TW MSDS

844-0451 QR MSDS

844-0982 UO MSDS

844-1063 RO MSDS

844-1352 BU MSDS

844-1863 YO MSDS

844-2075 RU MSDS

844-2555 MY MSDS

844-2852 OY MSDS

844-5558 PG MSDS

844-7262 PB MSDS

844-9451 QV MSDS

844-9955 LB MSDS


Woodwright Quality Varnishes
Enhanced Protection
Woodwright Quality Wood Coatings provide you with the protection that you require for your furniture, cabinetry, trim, flooring and other home furnishings. Our varnishes provide superior resistance to harmful elements such as moisture, scratching, marring and chemicals. Application is easy and your products are sealed with a beautiful, silky finish. We invite you to learn more about our selection.

9930 E7 Catalyzed Varnish

E7 catalyzed varnish is incredibly easy to apply. Lower odor and slower flash time mean less eye and nose burn in your shop.

9930 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Available sheens: 90, 60, 45, 35, 20, 10, 5

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9950 Armor Var Advance Catalyzed Varnish

Armor Var Advance Catalyzed Varnish is perfect for finisher's looking for a higher build varnish. With 37% volume solids, it is a true high-build coating. Enjoy the low odor and noticeably lower eye and nose burn of this product.

9950 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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9935 E7 Advance Catalyzed Sealer

E7 Advance Catalyzed Sealer is perfect for use under Woodwright's 9930 E7 or 9950 Armor Var Advance Catalyzed Varnishes. You'll be pleased with its fast dry time and easy sandability, not to mention extremely low odor.

9935 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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9934 Enduro Var Catalyzed Varnish
Our most popular varnish. A true high-end performance coating. Great build at 34% volume solids. See higher profits with this price-perfect varnish.

9934 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Available in all sheens: 90, 60, 45, 35, 20, 10, 5

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9948 Armor Var Plus Catalyzed Varnish
For the varnish connnoisseur. A High-build conversion varnish with beautiful luster and a silky feel. 36% solids by volume.

9948 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Available sheens: 45, 35, 20

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8814 Universal Sealer
Achieve incredible results with this fast and easy lacquer-based sealer. Ideal for solid colors and glazing.

8814 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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8820 Precatalyzed Finish
Self-Sealing precatalyzed topcoat. 20% Volume Solids allow for easy application and easy sanding. Its quick dry time gets your product out the door at record speeds while maintaining beautiful quality.

8820 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Available sheens: 90, 45, 35, 20, 10, 5

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8828 High Build Precat Plus
The build and look of a conversion varnish with the ease of precatalyzed varnish. 28% volume solids.
8828 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Available sheens: 90, 60, 45, 35, 20, 10

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5040 Eco-Var Water-Based Varnish

Ultra low odor. Easy to spray. Clean with water. High Build.

5040 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Available sheens: 90, 45, 35, 20, 5

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9910 Professional Polyurethane

Woodwright's unique professional-grade polyurethane dries in half the time of typical polys! Lays nicely with little effort. Apply 3 coats in 1 day!

9910 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Available sheens: Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin, Dull

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3000 Water Repellent Exterior Wood Sealer
A quality outdoor wood sealer with UV protection. Fantastic for decking and outdoor furniture. This unique formula seals wood from the inside, out. Beads water and never peals! Available in clear or semi-transparent colors.

3000 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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3020 Exterior Spar Varnish & 3020-S Spar Sealer
Marine-grade exterior varnish. Excellent for exterior doors and furniture. This sealer/topcoat combination is hard to beat. Available in gloss.

3020 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Call For More Information on 3020

3300 Clear Catalyzed Enamel

Supreme durability indoors and out! Perfect for dining table tops, especially in restaurants and other public spaces. Available in flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss. May be tinted to almost any solid paint color. Use clear over natural and stained wood surfaces.

3300 SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Use 2200 Quick Dry Enamel Catalyst with 3300 Clear Catalyzed Enamel


Dusteen - Dust Control Solution
Reduces airborne particles for cleaner workshops and smoother product finishes. Simply spray into the air with a garden sprayer and allow to fall to the floor. Sweep floor as usual. The floor may be slippery, so its best to apply Dusteen at the end of the day and allow it to dry completely. This statically-charged solution attracks dust and wood particles to the floor instead of your project.

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