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At Woodwright, our customers are more than just customers. We consider our patrons as our friends and we truly care about them and their individual businesses. We are constantly finding new ways to raise the quality of our products and lower our customer's cost while preserving our product's consistency. We understand the value of reliable customer service. Our patrons are welcome to call us at any time for technical assistance and we are happy to provide instructional services to those using our products. We are pleased to offer instruction, free of charge, to our finish customers in applying specialty finishes. Instruction is provided at our location or we are happy to offer the instruction, on site, at the customer's shop. Woodwright also desires to help new finishers with instruction on any aspect of the wood finishing process, such as how to spray, stain, glaze, distress, set up spray systems, and set up airflow. Personalization is a key quality in our plan of customer service. When you order stain, we make a point to keep your formula on file indefinitely so that you can order it again on any future occasion without concern for consistency. For those ordering any specific stain for the first time, we provide exact color matches. We personally deliver to the Holmes / Wayne county area. In and out of state orders are shipped via common carrier or UPS.
At Woodwright, we confidently stand behind our products and our system 100%. We also stand firm on a rich history of consistent customer approval. We welcome you to contact us to let us know how we can address your specific need.
Thanks for your interest in Woodwright wood finishing products