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Specialty Products
Woodwright offers a variety of specialty finishing products. Make glazing and tincture a breeze with our "Easy" system. Also, try our Easy Crackle finish!
Easy Glaze
Available in many colors. Can be varnished over immediately with Conversion or Precatalyzed varnish!
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Easy Tincture
Achieve an authentic antiqued look. Incredibly quick application.
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Easy Crackle
So quick and easy! Available in many colors. Use over stain or paint.

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Easy Burnish

Spray application. Cuts time by more than half! Enhances beauty of stained wood.

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Metallic and Pearlescent Finishes

Any Woodwright brand clear varnish can be tinted to metallic or pearlescent colors for a faux metal or pearl appearance.

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Woodwright Dye and Toner

Made with automotive-grade concentrates. Allows for vibrant, deep colors with unbelievable clarity. Does not lap mark and always comes out even. A very forgiving dye system that just works.

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