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Spotless Furniture & Glass Cleanser dries quickly, leaving no streaks and can be used to clean almost any hard surface.
H.E. Spotless For Everyday Cleaning!
For A Spotless Shine
Spotless Cleansing PretreatmentHeirloom Essentials Spotless Cleansing Pretreatment contains NO silicone, NO wax and NO ammonia. Our antibacterial formula removes 99.9% of bacteria. Spotless Furniture & Glass Cleanser has a unique streak-free formulation making it possible to clean varnished wood furniture, glass, mirrors and many other hard surfaces quickly and easily. Cleans and removes fingerprints, food residue and greasy grime. Spotless can be used alone or clean with Spotless prior to polishing with Heirloom Essentials Fine Furniture Polish for an unbeatable shine! Enhances luster consistency and controls splotching on cherry, walnut and maple wood furniture. Cleaning and maintaining with Heirloom Essentials will extend the life and beauty of your furniture and cabinetry.
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