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The Ohio Collection
Ohio Certified Stain Colors
Color will be influenced by the grain and species of the wood. A trial area is suggested before proceeding with the entire job. These samples may not be an exact wood grain or stain representation. Computer screen will vary color. These color samples should not be used to match exact color.
Oak Wood Samples
OCS-101 S-2 OCS-102 Fruitwood OCS-103 M.X.
OCS-104 Seely OCS-105 Black Walnut OCS-106 Acres
OCS-107 Washington OCS-108 S-14 OCS-109 S-12
OCS-110 Medium OCS-111 Boston OCS-111 Boston
Quarter Sawn White Oak
OCS-112 Provincial OCS-113 Micheal's
OCS-113 Micheal's
Quarter Sawn White Oak
OCS-116 Harvest OCS-116 Harvest Quarter Sawn White Oak OCS-117
OCS-118 OCS-230 Onyx
Cherry Wood Samples
OCS-102 Fruitwood OCS-104 Seely OCS-106 Acres
OCS-107 Washington OCS-108 S-14 OCS-111 Boston
OCS-114 Traditional OCS-117 OCS-118
Brown Maple Wood Samples
OCS-116 Harvest OCS-117 OCS-118
OCS-225 Mission Maple OCS-226 Coffee OCS-227 Rich Cherry
OCS-228 Rich Tobacco OCS-229 Bing Cherry OCS-230 Onyx
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