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Ohio Certified Stain Collection Oak & Cherry Stain Samples


Ohio Certified Stain Collection Brown Maple Stain Samples


Woodwright's 1/2 Pint OCS Sampler Set

Make your own stain samples without the cost of purchasing full gallons of stain. Use for customer specific color samples on any species of wood.

Woodwright Quality Wood Stains
Beautiful Color Options - Beautifully Classic Results
Woodwright stains are easy to apply with very low odor. Our product line features a wide variety of color options. Custom color matches are always available if you need to match an existing stain color. Woodwright stain products are easy and safe to work with, and the finished results are always beautiful. Woodwright stains are made with only high quality ingredients including automotive-grade pigments and exotic color-fast dyes.

Original Easy Wipe Stain Technology
Accept no imitations. Ultra Low Odor! So easy to apply.

All Woodwright stains are available in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. Quarts and 1/2 Pint containers of Ohio Certified Stains are also available.

Easy Wipe Stain SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


Learn more about Woodwright Easy Wipe Stain technology

Smart Stain is available in all Ohio Certified Stain (OCS) stain colors.

Smart Stain SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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Ohio Certified Stain Collection Colors

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Lancaster Collection Certified Stain Colors

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Northern Indiana Collection Certified Stain Colors
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Easterday & Company has been custom matching stain colors for decades. Here are the steps you can take to have your custom color matched:


1. Supply us with a physical sample of the color which you desire. Acceptable sample forms: Wood, Laminate, Other brand color chips, Magazine pictures, Photos (Keep in mind that paper samples, like photos, may not be exact due to lighting and shadows)


2. Identify the species of wood that the color will be applied to. If possible, supply us with a pre-sanded piece of the wood to match the color on. This helps considerably with color consistency once the stain reaches the applicator.


3. Specify if the furniture or cabinetry that is being finished will be indoors or outdoors.


4. Custom stain colors must be made in gallon quanities. Amounts less than a gallon are not available.


5. Allow up to 2 weeks for your custom match to be completed. Keep in mind that color matches on natural materials, like wood, have many variables and cannot be achieved by the use of computerized equipment. All custom matches are completed by experienced color blend technicians.


6. Your custom color will be given a formula number for easy ordering in the future. We will keep your custom formula on file indefinitely should you need it years from now.


7. Custom stain matches will be given a default name unless otherwise specified. Please let us know if you would like a specific name given to your custom color.


Please call us with any questions regarding Custom Color Matching 1.800.322.8172


Stain Pigment Material Safety Data Sheets

824-0705 MAR MSDS

824-1013 RO MSDS

824-1302 BU MSDS

824-1801 YO MSDS

824-2003 RU MSDS

824-2007 MY MSDS

824-5503 PG MSDS

824-7209 PB MSDS

824-9946 LB MSDS



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