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4400 Interior/Exterior Acrylic Urethane

4400 2K Acrylic Urethane

Product Description

Woodwright 4400 Acrylic Urethane is a high-build coating. Once 16oz. of 2800 hardener is added this finish is ready to spray. No need to add extra solvents. Woodwright’s 4400 may be applied to wood or metal. It is suitable for interior surfaces and many exterior applications. This coating is ultra durable. It resists moisture, as well as most chemicals, making it perfect for use on commercial surfaces like restaurant tables. 4400 is formulated for optimum flexibility to prevent scratching, marring and cracking. It moves as the wood moves rather than becoming brittle. Save money!  If your project is for interior use, try spraying Woodwright’s 9926 or 9940 Catalyzed Sealers for your first coat. Last but not least, you can expect that trademark “Silky Feel” of Woodwright. Cured product does not release formaldehyde.

Physical Properties

  • Type: Acrylic Urethane
  • V.O.C.: 5.39 LB/GAL (NO H20)
  • Weight/gal: 8.59 LB/GAL (+ OR – 0.15)
  • Weight Solids: N/A
  • Volume Solids: 40% (+ OR – 1%) │ 45% (+ OR – 1%) AFTER ADDITION OF 2800 HARDENER
  • Air Dry Schedule w/ 16 oz 2800 Hardener: To touch: 15 – 20 mins, To Sand: 40 – 60 mins, To Re-coat: 50 – 60 mins, To Pack: 24 – 48 hrs.


  • Method: Spray – airless or air-assisted
  • Reducer: Woodwright TH3700 slow reducer
  • Substrate: Wood (stained if desired) or metal, clean and dust free
  • Hardener: 16 oz per gallon Woodwright 2800 Acrylic Urethane Hardener
  • Pot Life: 2 hrs @ 77°F (stored sealed and airtight)
  • Shelf Life: 1 year unopened
  • Sealer: Self-seal (9926 or 9940 Sealer for interior surfaces only)
  • Full Cure: 30 days

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