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5040 Eco Var Water-Based Varnish

Product Description

Woodwright Eco Var is a high build, alkyd modified polyurethane, self-crosslinking varnish. Expect fantastic vertical hang and attractive grain enhancement characteristics with Eco Var. It is a true high-end performance coating with excellent chemical resilience. This waterborne varnish is resistant to scratching, marring and moisture. It can be used as both a sealer and topcoat. One product, two coats, that’s it! Economically priced. As with other Woodwright finishes, this varnish has an extremely silky feel ensuring your furniture and cabinetry’s superior quality. 5040 Eco Var is ideal for doors, trim packages and flooring. It has a viscosity that is ready to spray from the can. Eco Var’s environmentally friendly formula requires that it contain NO HAPS and very low VOC.

Physical Properties

  • Type: Alkyd Modified Polyurethane
  • V.O.C.: .75 lb/gal.
  • Weight/gal: 8.40 + or—0.15
  • Viscosity: 56—59 sec. Zahn #2 @ 77 F
  • Sheens: 10, 20, 35, 45, 90
  • Weight Solids: 39% + or – 1%
  • Volume Solids: 34% + or – 1%
  • Optimum Coverage: 571 sq. Ft./gal @ 1 mil dry (no loss)

Air Dry & Durability Schedule

  • To Touch: 20—30 minutes
  • To Sand: 30—45 minutes
  • To Recoat: 30—60 minutes
  • To Pack: 8—12 hours @ 75F
  • Solvent / Water Resist: 7 days
  • Full Cure: 30 days


  • Method: Spray airless or air assisted (Stainless Steel Equipment Required).
  • Substrate: Wood (Stained if desired), clean and dust free.
  • No. Of Coats: Two—sealer and topcoat (an additional coat at no more than 3.5 mils wet may be applied, if desired)
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year, stored airtight. ( DO NOT FREEZE )

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