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9910 Professional Polyurethane

9910 Professional Polyurethane

Product Information

For use on: All properly prepared interior wood surfaces to include: flooring, furniture, cabinetry and more. It can also be used on covered exterior wood surfaces not in direct contact with moisture and weather.

Surface Preparation: Wood must be free of all surface contaminants such as dirt, grease, wax, mold and excessive moisture content.

New Floors: Sand and prepare the floor using accepted nwfa/mfma guidelines. Sweep and vacuum to remove all sanding dust. Tack the wood with a clean, lint-free cloth either dry or slightly dampened with pure mineral spirits to remove all the remaining sanding dust. Allow to dry completely.

Existing Floors: Urethane finish may be in sound condition and free of all surface contaminants. Aggressively screen the floor with new 100 grit screens. Hand sand along baseboards and in corners. Sweep, vacuum and tack as noted above.

Finishing System: If desired, apply only one coat Woodwright® easy wipe stain, according to label directions. Allow to dry. Apply at least 2 coats of Woodwright® 9910 Polyurethane, sanding between coats. You may apply up to 4 coats of 9910, if necessary. If a thicker build is desired, please contact manufacturer for further instruction.

Physical properties

  • Type: polyurethane
  • VOC: 4.35 lbs/gal
  • Weight/gal: 7.98—8.12 lbs/gal
  • Viscosity: 26 sec. Zahn #2 @ 77 f
  • Weight solids: 45% – 47%
  • Volume solids: 39% – 41%
  • Optimum coverage: 448 sq ft/gal @ 1 mil no loss


Gently and thoroughly stir polyurethane to evenly disperse flattening agents prior to and during application. Spread rate is 350-400 square feet per coat per gallon. Apply with lamb’s wool applicator or natural bristly brush. For best results, apply in one direction only, with the grain of the wood. Maintain a wet edge. Under ideal drying conditions, finish will dry in 4-6 hours. Adverse drying conditions of temperature, humidity, or poor ventilation may extend dry time. After dry, screen lightly with a slightly worn 150 grit screen to promote proper adhesion between coats. Apply next coat immediately after sanding. If polyurethane has dried for more than 24 hours, use new screens to promote proper adhesion, Sweep, vacuum and tack as noted above. Not recommended for use over other materials such as: shellac, lacquer or stearated coatings. Do not thin inconsistent with local regulations. Use only with adequate ventilation.

Clean up: Immediately clean equipment with mineral spirits and dispose of used solvent according to local regulations. To avoid spontaneous combustion during temporary storage, soak soiled rags and waste immediately after use in a water-filled, closed metal container.

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