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9930 E7 Catalyzed Varnish

E7 Catalyzed Varnish

Product Description

Woodwright E7 is a high build, modified coconut alkyd catalyzed varnish with attractive grain enhancing characteristics. It has extremely low odor and minimal eye & nose irritation. This product contains low HAPS and very low VOC. E7 is a true high end performance coating with excellent resistance to scratching, marring, moisture and chemicals. E7 provides a great value by being competitively priced and having an extended pot-life, which yields virtually no waste. The resins selected for this product provide a clear, water-white finish. As with all Woodwright finishes, this varnish has a silky feel adding to your furniture or cabinetry’s quality. E7 requires only 4oz. of catalyst per gallon and is at a viscosity that is ready to spray from the can. This provides ease of application and no loss of solids due to thinning or a high ratio of catalyst. E7 can be used over any Woodwright catalyzed sealer but can be used as a self-seal product as well.

Physical Properties

  • Type: modified coconut alkyd
  • V.O.C.: 4.24 lb/gal. (no h20)
  • Weight/gal.: 7.9 lb + or – 0.15
  • Viscosity: 24.50-25.50 sec. Zahn #2 ez @ 77°F
  • Sheens: 5, 20, 35, 45, 60, 90
  • Weight solids: 37% + or – 1%
  • Volume solids: 32% + or – 1%

Air dry schedule w/ 4oz. Catalyst per gallon:

  • To touch: 20-30 minutes
  • To sand: 60 minutes
  • To recoat: 60 minutes
  • To pack: 8 hours


  • Method: spray, airless or air assisted (stainless steel equipment required)
  • Substrate: wood (stained if desired), clean and dust free
  • Catalyst: Woodwright 35260 catalyst (4oz. Per gallon)
  • Pot Life: up to 48 hours @ 77°F (sealed airtight)
  • Shelf Life: 1 year (unopened)

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