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9938 Armor Var Elite Formaldehyde Free Catalyzed Varnish

9938 Armorvar Elite

Product Description

Woodwright 9938 Armor Var Elite Formaldehyde Free Catalyzed Varnish has very low odor and virtually no eye and nose burn effect compared to other catalyzed varnishes on the market. A fantastic build in 2 coats. Lays out nicely and hangs well on vertical surfaces. It contains and produces no formaldehyde, which leaves almost no odor during assembly, installation, and upon delivery. Extremely durable against chemicals, heat and moisture after full cure. And, of course, that signature silky Woodwright feel.

Physical Properties

  • Resin: Modified Coconut Alkyd
  • V.O.C.: 4.50 lb/gal. (no h20)
  • Weight/gal.: 8.60 lb + or – 0.15
  • Viscosity: 25-26 sec. Zahn #2 ez @ 77°F
  • Sheens: 5, 10, 20, 35, 45, 60, 90
  • Weight solids: 42% + or – 1%
  • Volume solids: 37% + or – 1%

Air dry schedule w/ 4oz. Catalyst per gallon:

  • To touch: 30 minutes
  • To sand: 60 minutes
  • To recoat: 60 minutes
  • To pack: 12 hours


  • Wet Mils: Suggested coating application is 4-5 wet mils per coat.
  • Dry Mils: Do not exceed a combined coating total of 5 dry mils.


  • Method: spray, airless or air assisted (stainless steel equipment required)
  • Reducer: Woodwright TH2910 Lacquer Thinner or TH3700 Slow Reducer, if desired
  • Substrate: Wood (stained if desired), clean and dust-free
  • Catalyst: Woodwright 35938 catalyst (4oz. Per gallon)
  • Pot Life: Up to 16 hours @ 77°F (stored, sealed, and airtight)
  • Shelf Life: 1 year (unopened)
  • Shelf Life: 9936 Rapid Seal Elite NF sealer or self-deal
  • Full Cure: 30 days

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