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The Original Run Cutter

The Original Run Cutter

The Original Run Cutter is a tool that removes dried on drips of varnish without damaging the rest of the varnished surface. Drips can occur if the varnish is sprayed on too heavily, which can run or drip on vertical surfaces. The drips are sometimes not noticed until the varnish is dry. Our Original Run Cutter is made with a special file that, if used properly, will not scratch or damage the surrounding varnished surface.


Directions for Use

  1. Press Run Cutter down onto dried run.
  2. Push it forward across the run, while pressing down in the direction of the drip, similar to the way you would use a manual wood plane. The file part of Run Cutter should run across the dried drip, against the grain of the file.
  3. Repeat proper motion until run is cut off and the surface is level with the rest of the varnish. The area where the run has been removed may be dull. Buff area if needed to bring back to original luster.



  • Do not use Run Cutter sideways/with the grain of the file, which can cause scratches in the varnish.
  • Do not press too hard as it may cause damage to the varnished surface.
  • Test on inconspicuous area before using on the entire project.
  • Manufacturer is not liable for damage to furniture due to operator error.

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