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Heirloom Essentials Recommended Care Instructions

VARNISHED WOOD MUST CURE FOR 30 DAYS FOR OPTIMUM DURABILITY. Woodwright® brand varnishes are extremely durable, but do require care. The following will help keep your fine wood piece looking beautiful for generations.

DUST & FINGERPRINTS: Clean wood, glass, hardware and more with Heirloom Essentials® Spotless Furniture & Glass Cleanser. Spotless easily removes oils and other residues from many hard surfaces. After using Spotless, polish your furniture to a rich luster with Heirloom Essentials® Fine Furniture Polish. With many fabulous fragrances to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love.

SPILLS: Promptly soak up spills, then follow directions for dust and fingerprint removal.

SUN EXPOSURE & HUMIDITY: Wood will naturally change color with age. Try to avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight to slow this natural process. Humidity should also be avoided to prevent swelling of wood.

RECOMMENDED CLEANING PRODUCTS: Heirloom Essentials® Fine Furniture Care Products.

WHAT TO AVOID: Products that contain silicone, wax and ammonia. Do not apply wax to surface. Wax is susceptible to watermarks, rings, and is visibly damaged with direct heat. Wax and silicone prevent easy repair of furniture and may void warranty.

Sharp objects will scratch surface. Do not slide items across surface. Items with temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit may damage surface.

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