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Big image testWoodwright Quality Wood Coatings provide you with the protection that you require for your furniture, cabinetry, trim, flooring and other home furnishings. Our varnishes provide superior resistance to harmful elements such as moisture, scratching, marring and chemicals. Application is easy and your products are sealed with a beautiful, silky finish. We invite you to learn more about our selections. Woodwright conversion varnishes are made with coconut alkyd as the backbone resin and other additives which are built into them to enhance the finish as a whole. Additives included provide enhancements such as protecting the clear coat against discoloration, cracking, lack of adhesion and loss of gloss when exposed to sunlight and general use. Coconut alkyds are light in color and intended for use in clear coats applied over any color of stain. Select from the varnish product categories listed below to view our product selection

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