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Catalyzed Varnish Products

Catalyzed varnishes are the measuring stick in the wood coatings world. A two part system, catalyzed varnishes require a Catalyst to dry and function properly. Woodwright Brand Catalyzed varnishes are unlike anything else on the market. As a stand alone company and manufacturer of all of our own products, Woodwright is completely in control of what goes into every drum, pail and gallon can that goes out of our Manufacturing facility in Wilmot, OH. Woodwright’s standards of chemical and physical durability are in a class alone. The unique formulas combine the highest quality raw materials on the market with precise manufacturing and stringent quality control practices. As with all Woodwright Products, our catalyzed varnishes endure a rigorous quality control process to ensure the best product possible is at your fingertips.

9930 E7 Catalyzed Varnish

One of the most versatile varnishes on the market today, Woodwright’s 9930-E7 is a true workhorse in the finish shop. Ease of operation, a 24-hour pot life and extremely low odor make E7 a dream to work with in the spray room. Ultra-low V.O.C. and HAPs make E7 a very popular choice for furniture stores and homeowners alike. Unlike many other extended pot life finishes on today’s market, E7 does not compromise quality nor durability. See our data sheets for more information.

9950 Armor Var Advance Catalyzed Varnish

You can’t have too much of a good thing! 9950 combines the benefits of Woodwrights 9930 E7 while offering a 36% solid content for maximum build and wear surface. A product you can truly “feel the difference” with, 9950 is unmatched in today’s marketplace.

9935 E7 Advance Catalyzed Sealer

E7 Advance Catalyzed Sealer is perfect for use under Woodwright's 9930 E7 or 9950 Armor Var Advance catalyzed varnishes. Offering an extended pot-life in a sealer, Woodwright has created a product that will not disappoint in performance. 9935 offers 32% volume solids while still drying quickly enough to sand in less than an hour. Higher solids means less coats and more wear surface in less time!

9934 Enduro Var Catalyzed Varnish

Woodwright 9934 EnduroVar is a high build, naturally non-yellowing, coconut alkyd catalyzed varnish. It has great vertical hang and attractive grain enhancement characteristics. It is a true high-end performance coating with excellent resistance to scratching, marring, moisture and chemicals. One product, two coats, that’s it! Ready to spray from the can after adding catalyst.

9948 Armor Var Plus Catalyzed Varnish

For the varnish connoisseur, 9948 is a true high-end finish offering a 36% volume solids and a feel like no other. 9948 gives you the best feel available today while not jeopardizing durability and quality.

9938 Armor Var Elite Formaldehyde Free Catalyzed Varnish

Woodwright 9938 Armor Var Elite Formaldehyde Free Catalyzed Varnish has very low odor and virtually no eye and nose burn effect compared to other catalyzed varnishes on the market. A fantastic build in 2 coats. Lays out nicely and hangs well on vertical surfaces. It contains and produces no formaldehyde, which leaves almost no odor during assembly, installation, and upon delivery. Extremely durable against chemicals, heat and moisture after full cure. And, of course, that signature silky Woodwright feel.

9936 Rapid Seal Elite Formaldehyde Free Catalyzed Sealer

Woodwright 9936 Rapid Seal Elite Formaldehyde Free Catalyzed Sealer is perfect for all shops looking to reduce the odor in their work environment. It contains and produces no formaldehyde, allowing for a very low odor and virtually no eye and nose burn. Its fast dry time and effortless sand will move help move production along quickly. Another great attribute of this sealer is its ability to help reduce sand-through on corners. Use together with Woodwright 9938 Armor Var Elite NF, No-Formaldehyde catalyzed topcoat.

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