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Pre-Catalyzed Varnish Products

Pre-Catalyzed varnishes are where it all started. Ready to use right out of the bucket, Woodwright’s “pre-cats” will speed up your production without the risk of losing any product due to pot life. Woodwright offers 3 variations of this product line.

8820 Pre-Catalyzed Finish

Self-sealing pre-catalyzed topcoat with 20% volume solids. This fast-drying product allows for easy application and easy sanding. 8820 is perfect for production type use or for small quantities. And of course, 8820 offers a fantastic feel.

8814 Universal Sealer

Achieve incredible results with this fast and easy lacquer-based sealer. Ideal for solid colors and multistep finishes. Works great under either the 8820 or 8828.

8828 High Build Precat Plus

8828 offers the build and look of a conversion varnish with the ease of a “pre-cat”. 8828 offers unheard of solids in a “pre-cat” with 28% volume solids. A special modifier builds the coating while still being extremely easy to spray without the concerns of pot life.

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