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Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets are documents that provide information about a product in relation to its potential health, fire, environmental, and reactivity hazards. Products SDS’s also offer suggestions or best practices concerning how to work safely with the chemical substance or product. For your convenience, we have provided the following index of safety data sheets relating to each of the products featured on this website.

Fine Furniture Polish

Furniture & Glass Cleanser Concentrate

Furniture & Glass Cleanser

Heirloom Essentials Spotless Cleanser Concentrate

Heirloom Essentials Spotless Cleanser

Heirloom Essentials Furniture Polish

824-9946 LB

824-7209 PB

824-5503 PG

824-2007 MY

824-2003 RU

824-1801 YO

824-1302 BU

824-1013 RO

824-0705 MAR

Smart Stain

Easy Wipe Stain

844-9955 LB

844-9451 QV

844-7262 PB

844-5558 PG

844-2852 OY

844-2555 MY

844-2075 RU

844-1863 YO

844-1352 BU

844-1063 RO

844-0982 UO

844-0451 QR

844-0061 TW

Catalyzed Varnish Catalyst

3300 Clear Catalyzed Enamel

3020 Exterior Spar Varnish & 3020-S Spar Sealer

3000 Water Repellent Exterior Wood Sealer

9910 Professional Polyurethane

5040 Eco-Var Water-Based Varnish

8828 High Build Precat Plus

8820 Precatalyzed Finish

8814 Universal Sealer

9948 Armor Var Plus Catalyzed Varnish

9934 Enduro Var Catalyzed Varnish

9935 E7 Advance Catalyzed Sealer

9950 Armor Var Advance Catalyzed Varnish

9930 E7 Catalyzed Varnish

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